Trust Yourself 101:
Intuition Building for Skeptics

A Two Week Jump Start to Tap Into your Intuition and Trust Your Inner Voice- woo-free!

Does this sound like you?

  • Your emotional world feels like a jumbled, confusing mess, and you wish you could manage it better.
  • You find yourself pushing away the nagging feeling that something just isn’t right.
  • You struggle to speak up for yourself or others. And when you do, you walk away wondering if you said the right things.
  • You’re doing everything you’re “supposed to”, but it doesn’t feel the way you thought it would, and you worry what would happen if you changed things up.

You need a dose of grounded, solid confidence in your intuition.

You need to reconnect to a sense of deeper clarity.

You need to trust yourself.

We are doing ourselves a disservice by ignoring the vast wealth of information our bodies and minds offer up for us 24/7.

Intuition is not metaphysical in the slightest to me. It’s a way to trust yourself to make choices and voice your needs that goes past the “noise” of anxiety. It’s a powerful tool in making decisions in your work, health, and relationships… but it definitely needs to be developed.

Clinical research shows that it’s our feelings, experienced on a mind-body level, that help us make great decisions, communicate clearly, and care for ourselves.


As a therapist, I’ve worked with women who come in struggling in their relationships, purpose, and body image. Over time, I’ve noticed that no matter what the “symptom” is, the underlying issue is often the same: a disconnect from a deeper sense of knowing. Like the cliché says, you already have everything you need within you- you just need a little help uncovering it.

I don’t want you to take my word for it. I developed this program to jump-start your intuition based on your experience, not mine. We’ll be exploring how things have worked for you in the past, running small experiments in your daily lives, and collaborating to create a plan that works for you.

In this program, you will learn to get clear about how you feel, what you need, and most importantly, that you already know more about yourself and your world than you ever thought possible. You’ll be able to apply this new clarity and confidence to kick ass in your work life, care for your body, and deepen your relationships.

How Does it Work?

This course runs for 10 days over two weeks.

The weeks are structured with five days of journaling, reading, and exercises– use the other two days to relax or deepen the work in your own way. Throughout the week, you’ll have access to individualized video coaching from me so we can tailor the program to your unique needs.


What do we talk about?

 In Week One, we lay the foundation for a personal inner-listening practice. This process incorporates mindfulness and reflection in a way that works for you.

In Week Two, we explore ways to use anxiety, perfectionism,  and other uncomfortable inner experiences as a tool to gain clarity and insight.

Put together, these two weeks will get you started confidently using your intuition to power your life.


How much does it cost?

The cost for this program is $185- the cost of a single therapy session in my office. Because intuition is such a deeply personal experience, I want to make sure you’re getting direct,individualized guidance from me. Consider it small batch personal development.


About Abby:

I’m a psychotherapist based out of the Bay Area. I’m a skeptic, and don’t take most ideas about intuition at face value— but I see over and over again how amazing intuition can be as a force for clarity in so many people’s lives. I believe wholeheartedly that if we can all learn to trust ourselves just a little bit more, we can do so many more amazing things for ourselves and our communities.